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Case Study

Targeted Multi-channel Digital Campaign

The Opportunity

The COVID-19 global health crisis found Facility Managers (FMs) as essential workers, on the front lines of keeping employees healthy either by implementing new processes to keep buildings running, transitioning employees to work-from-home situations, or determining how to safely and effectively re-open offices.

As the premier professional organization for FMs, long-time Red Thread Brands client, IFMA, recognized this as an opportunity to continue to prove the importance of IFMA memberships by providing information about their industry-leading resources. IFMA’s Membership department approached Red Thread seeking suggestions for shifting the overall account focus, with the understanding that there was a significant opportunity, but there would also be a cut in the budget.

The Goals

IFMA wanted to focus on outreach to potential new members, while maintaining existing membership numbers. Despite budget cuts, the overall goal of 5% growth over 2 years remained the same. While doing so, the organization wanted to keep the cost-per-acquisition for new members to under $50.

The Challenges

Red Thread Brands faced two challenges when considering the strategy for the IFMA membership response to the Covid-19 crisis. The first was with the target audience - FMs found themselves either extremely busy trying to manage a crisis or unemployed and not eager to spend money on non-essentials (like memberships). The second challenge was that IFMA itself saw a drop in revenue that led to severe budget cuts, including a 75% reduction to the overall budget for membership marketing.

The Strategy

In order to meet IFMA’s goals while facing both challenges, we needed to narrow the overall account focus to just the essentials. For messaging, we focused on two specific areas: FMs’ need to be at the forefront of the industry during the pandemic (and IFMA’s resources that provide them the information they need), and the fact that FMs are essential workers.



With the shift in messaging to underline what FMs found most critical, we were able to help IFMA narrow campaign focus. Despite a nearly 75% reduction in budget, the account has seen an increase in direct conversions, and is seeing monthly increases in activity, including click-through rates. The cost-per-conversion has maintained below $25, well under the desired $50 goal. The carefully curated social media audiences are contributing to exceeding the overall cost-per-conversion goal with a $7.75 acquisition cost.

The return on ad spend for the year to date is 662%.

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